descriptions of the plays + links to a pdf of each play. All plays © Darragh Martin.

PLAY #350: AND AFTER THIS, STILL, THERE ARE QUESTIONS and so the Paris Climate Summit ends…PLAY 350

PLAY #349: PARIS final anjali + zac play PLAY 349

PLAY #348: LET’S PLAY WITH THE CLIMATE climate games! PLAY 348


PLAY #346: MONTREUIL alternative summits. PLAY 346

PLAY #345: ONE POINT FIVE TO SURVIVE mermaids + ghosts on either side of greenhouse glass. PLAY 345

PLAY #344: LOSS AND DAMAGE, A PLAY IN PIECES or reflections from four days of climate talks. PLAY 344

PLAY #343: PARIS IN PARENTHESES sometimes the most precious things live in brackets. PLAY 343

PLAY #342: KNOCK KNOCK, THE DEAD ARE CALLING and who in Paris will listen? PLAY 342

PLAY #341: THE END OF THE BEGINNING a break from the alphabet plays for some symmetry. PLAY 341

PLAY #340: QUIET PLEASE, YOU’RE MAKING RATHER A FUSS climate protests cause nuisance. PLAY 340

PLAY #339: JET SET the dead continue to visit. PLAY 339

PLAY #338: RUBBLE Queen Victoria is held up. PLAY 338

PLAY #337: IGNITE this is the last vision? PLAY 337

PLAY #336: SCENE: THE GOOD BYE waiting to say the right thing, take five thousand. PLAY 336

PLAY #335: HOW TO (UN)MAKE AN AMERICAN FLAG helen + grace weave in the margins. PLAY 335

PLAY #334: TWINE AROUND KNIVES what use are stories amid all of this mess? PLAY 334

PLAY #333: GRACE unweaving the stars. PLAY 333

PLAY #332: UNFLY YOUR EVERY FLAG climate change + refugee crisis. PLAY 332

PLAY #331: FLAGS ARE FANTASIES THAT BURN LIKE FIREWORKS more star-spangled banner intrigue. PLAY 331

PLAY 330: VERY WELL, BUT CAN WE DISCUSS MY IMMANENT DEATH? Violet meets the Uniquorrrns. PLAY 330

PLAY #329: EMERALD CITY why keep a star? PLAY 329

PLAY #328: WINTER WONDERLAND mapping strangers. PLAY 328

PLAY #327: DEN OF DRAGONS Delicious Drag-On finds a surprise guest in her audience. PLAY 327


PLAY #325: CAPACITY parents + breathing. PLAY 325

PLAY 324: YESTERDAY’S UTOPIAS ARE TOMORROW’S THEME PARKS between nostalgia + a hard place. PLAY 324

PLAY #323: BLUE clinging to a last conversation. PLAY 323

PLAY #322: ZEPHYR and when the wind changes? PLAY 322

PLAY #321: AND AFTER PARIS… then? PLAY 321

PLAY #320: IMAGINARY FIREWORKS skywatchers look up at a dark and quiet sky. PLAY 320

PLAY #319: WRAP UP and after all these months, an answer to Keystone for AY + ZED. PLAY 319

PLAY #318: HOPE IS A MANY STRINGED THING and it won’t be measured in inches. PLAY 318

PLAY #317: THE STRING BETWEEN US it’s a long way from Kiribati to New Zealand PLAY 317

PLAY #316: PLENTY OF SPACE TO QUESTION IN PRISON emergencies collide in the Maldives. PLAY 316

PLAY #315: IT’S NOTHING halloween fun + questions. PLAY 315

PLAY #314: THE PRESENT climate change clashes with the desires of small children. PLAY 314

PLAY #313: ROSEMARY when this is all over, what will people say? PLAY 313

PLAY #312: SAMHAIN and in the crack of an open window comes…PLAY 312

PLAY #311: GHOSTS, WE WELCOME YOU and in the past rushes like wind. PLAY 311

PLAY #310: FUTURE GHOSTS ARE RISING UP step out of the way. PLAY 310

PLAY #309: SMOKE the coal that roared. PLAY 309

PLAY #308: THE KNOCKING, or THE PAW PART TWO no good can come from whatever is knocking at the window. PLAY 308

PLAY #307: THE RINGING, or THE PAW PART ONE don’t answer the phone around Halloween. PLAY 307

PLAY #306: I’M NOT VOLDEMORT a journalist and a shadow talk. PLAY 306

PLAY #305: BONN anjali + zac start to break some rules. PLAY 305

PLAY #304: NO LOGO the apple in the tent. PLAY 304

PLAY #303: WHERE WERE YOU WHEN nostalgia takes a sour turn. PLAY 303

PLAY #302: BACK TO THE PRESENT now meets the future of back to fame. PLAY 302

PLAY #301: LOSING exit the war of the roses. PLAY 301

PLAY #300: THE ROSE REVOLUTION who knew the roses had it in them? PLAY 300

PLAY #299: SUN SCREAMS joan of arc wears her flames like a halo. PLAY 299

PLAY #298: LANGUAGE LESSONS first and last words. PLAY 298

PLAY #297: THE LAMENT OF THE DESERT TORTOISE unhappy are those who live so long. PLAY 297

PLAY #296: CARBON CARTOGRAPHY what happens in the sea stays there. PLAY 296

PLAY #295: SO THEY STAND WEEPING or ANTIGONE PART TWELVE the end of Antigone and the beginning of Ismene. PLAY 295


PLAY #293: THE KINDNESS OF CROCODILES or ANTIGONE PART TEN no such thing as good news in a Greek tragedy. PLAY 293

PLAY #292: CATHARSIS and in the broken light of the dawn, sight is possible. PLAY 292

PLAY #291: CATASTROPHE Cassandra and Chicken Licken watch the sky fall. PLAY 291

PLAY #290: THE SKY IS FALLING; LET’S SELL IT no bid too small! PLAY 290

PLAY #289: SSSSSSHHHHH the mouth and the hand have different things to communicate about TPP. PLAY 289

PLAY #288: THE DEEP digging into the ever-after. PLAY 288

PLAY #287: REST stop! PLAY 287

PLAY #286: TELEPHONE WIRES ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS WE MAKE THEM the past speaks in odd whispers. PLAY 286

PLAY #285: SISTER SUFFRAGETTE a hand reaches across history. PLAY 285

PLAY #284: THE DRAGON AND ST. GEORGE I need a hero and he’s gotta be just the right type for a poster. PLAY 284

PLAY #283: BREAK-UP it’s not that drilling in the Arctic is foolish, it’s just expensive. PLAY 283

PLAY #282: AWAKE a scientist mourns. PLAY 282

PLAY #281: KEEL curving around one word from multiple angles. PLAY 281

PLAY #280: THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH THINGS ON THE INTERNET let’s build more data centers in the desert, what’s the worst that can happen? PLAY 280

PLAY #279: IN DOUBT WE TRUST denial and doubt duke it out. PLAY 279

PLAY #278: THE BLOCK canoes wait. PLAY 278

PLAY #277: EMPEROR’S NEW CAR Volkswagon have been fiddling with the truth. PLAY 277

PLAY #276: THE UNDERNEATH AIR deflation…PLAY 276

PLAY #275: THROUGH THE MAGIC DOOR imagining a road to Paris with multiple lanes. PLAY 275


PLAY #273: ORGY more mayhem in a greenhouse. Or, the start of greenhouse mayhem, depending on your direction. PLAY 273

PLAY #272: DESPERATION INTERSECTION INNOVATION a title that flirts with meta-theatre. PLAY 272

PLAY #271: KETCHUP! tomatoes + greenhouse + metaphors PLAY 271

PLAY #270: SO ROMEO AND JULIET ARE DEAD and still the greenhouse stands. PLAY 270

PLAY #269: GASLIGHT darling, are you sure you don’t smell something? PLAY 269

PLAY #268: FUMIFUGIUM might we export this pollution, darling? PLAY 268

PLAY #267: MANDRAKE all sorts of ways to avoid something. PLAY 267

PLAY #266: HELP what kind of roof will the Paris Accord make? PLAY 266

PLAY #265: THE SUN SNATCHER the Tories take on the solar industry. PLAY 265

PLAY #264: THE ARRENHIUS EFFECT enter scientists, chasing doubt. PLAY 264

PLAY #263: IT’S JUST A GAME more ways to make mess in a greenhouse. PLAY 263

PLAY #262: CORMAC AND THE GOLDEN COW keep your beanstalks and your gilded eggs. PLAY 262

PLAY #261: SPIN CYCLE there’s always the next morning. PLAY 261

PLAY #260: PARTY in a greenhouse, woo! PLAY 260

PLAY #259: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TOMATO LEAF it’ll make up for the lack of coffee, once that goes. PLAY 259

PLAY #258: TABOO don’t even think it. PLAY 258

PLAY #257: AMONG FRIENDS unreal estate has some prime greenhouse property PLAY 257

PLAY #256: CON-SCIENCE the mirror that keeps scientists honest. PLAY 256

PLAY #255: THE MIDDLE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE especially in Alaska. PLAY 255

PLAY #254: TERRITORY cops explain the rules of the road. PLAY 254

PLAY #253: PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA climate change + the new wave of internet dating…PLAY 253

PLAY #252: BOOM-ERANG Doctor Drill finds some Arctic opposition. PLAY 252

PLAY #251: THE KATRINAS a play for the 10 year anniversary of Katrina. PLAY 251

PLAY #250: COUNTDOWN or ANTIGONE PART NINE what good is the Magna Carta in front of a firing squad? PLAY 250

PLAY #249: THE UGLIES a fruit + vegetable protest. PLAY 249

PLAY #248: BON APPETIT the eating of words in Paris. PLAY 248

PLAY #247: AND IN BETWEEN THE GRASS GROWING THERE IS THE BREAKING OF SOMETHING the Perfects have never fought, until now. PLAY 247

PLAY #246: WE ARE NOT HERE especially when we change our name PLAY 246

PLAY #245: THE NOBLE and the prize for revisionist history goes to…PLAY 245

PLAY #244: THE GREAT GREEN GRAB new U.K. energy policy, sponsored by claws PLAY 244

PLAY #243: EXTRAORDINARY the dirty secrets of planes in Shannon. PLAY 243

PLAY #242: THE MEAN WHILE that While is awful Mean. PLAY 242

PLAY #241: WE MUST PROTECT THE FREE MOVEMENT OF DOLLS in the Calais migration crisis, who is thinking of the dolls? PLAY 241

PLAY #240: SAVE AMAZON! satire returns, sponsored by Amazon’s workplace practices. PLAY 240

PLAY #239: CONSTELLATIONS OF IMPOSSIBLE BEAUTY a sweet little plane play, because even satire needs a break sometimes. PLAY 239

PLAY #238: RUNAWAY heathrow runways run away. PLAY 238

PLAY #237: RAGNAROK volcanoes are not to be messed with. PLAY 237

PLAY #236: SET OFF clear consciences are cheap. PLAY 236

PLAY #235: UNCHECKED BAGGAGE the bags are taking over… PLAY 235

PLAY #234: PLANE TRUTH how can people who fly preach about climate change? PLAY 234

PLAY #233: DRIP-DROP the things dripping taps will make you write. PLAY 233

PLAY #232: PRIMARY OBJECTIONS the Republican Debate is inflating! PLAY 232

PLAY #231: THE HERO AND THE GIANT, A ROMANCE if Gawain and the Green Knight were queer and about climate change, the rough first draft. PLAY 231

PLAY #230: REACH OUT mountains of coal and legislation compete. PLAY 230

PLAY #229: STEPS coal doesn’t even have a fake I.D. PLAY 229

PLAY #228: THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN ELEGY have you got a minute for some ice? PLAY 228

PLAY #227: LUGHNASA a tiny harvest play. PLAY 227

PLAY #226: BEFORE YOU TURN OUT THE LIGHTS don’t leave just yet. PLAY 226

PLAY #225: CONNECTIONS two strangers in an S.T.D. clinic diagnose the planet. PLAY 225

PLAY #224: AVOCADO HEART what can be saved in the Museum of Extinction? PLAY 224

PLAY #223: THE BATTLE BETWEEN SHALL AND SHOULD linguistic wrestling with some pretty high stakes. PLAY 223

PLAY #222: UNCIVIL SERVICE the Minister of Dash has some innovations to implement PLAY 222

PLAY #221: DIVISION OF LABOR should priests bless pipes? PLAY 221

PLAY #220: MADE a bed is no place for a pipe, but there it twists PLAY 220

PLAY #219: GIVING GROUND a very awkward breakfast in Mayo PLAY 219

PLAY #218: YOU’D LOSE COUNT, SO YOU WOULD Fionnuala counts shells PLAY 218

PLAY #217: PORTRAIT OF THE (S)TATE Beyond Parody? BP’s sponsorship of the arts…PLAY 217

PLAY #216: A TUNNEL BORING MACHINE NAMED FIONNUALA the swans of Lir take action against Corrib Gas PLAY 216

PLAY #215: HOPE FLIES but do solar panels? PLAY 215

PLAY #214: SUN, FREEDOM, RUN Liberators cause some trouble at a solar panel factory PLAY 214

PLAY #213: THE LIES THAT NUMBERS TELL ARE ONLY TERRIBLE promises + arithmetic have an open relationship with truth + lies PLAY 213

PLAY #212: ECHO SPEAKS and, spoiler, she’s not so happy PLAY 212

PLAY #211: THE PARLIAMENT OF OWLS birds preen and plot. PLAY 211

PLAY #210: LAY ME DOWN A RAFT UPON YOUR FLOOR are solar panels stronger than love or ice?

PLAY #209: KALEIDO-SCOPING THE FUTURE what lies ahead? PLAY 209

PLAY #208: POSSIBILITIES AND PITFALLS SHARE THE SAME ADDRESS let’s talk about the power in solar PLAY 208

PLAY #207: SOME THINGS WILL NOT BE BURNT ash after Charleston PLAY 207

PLAY #206: SIGNS OF THE BEGINNING uniquorrrns + Fred Phelps + rainbow solar panels. PLAY 206

PLAY #205: WHAT IF MAGIC WERE ANOTHER WORD FOR SCIENCE? flying to jupiter on the back of a solar panel. PLAY 205

PLAY #204: ALL SHADES OF SPARKLE Fire and Work party on the 4th. PLAY 204

PLAY #203: MONTREAL Anjali + Zac meet at the 2005 Climate Summit. PLAY 203

PLAY #202: ABOUT THE HEART barbed wire is necessary in New York. PLAY 202

PLAY #201: SPOONFULS OF SUGAR siblings on either side of a gas pipe. PLAY 201

PLAY #200: THE GREAT CHAIN OF BEING where you can buy the world for a bargain PLAY 200

PLAY #199: MISADVENTURES IN TRAMPOLINING can U.N. delegates keep the world spinning? PLAY 199

PLAY #198: AS ENTROPY TO THE EARTH, SO RUST TO LEGACIES Atlas and Rockerfeller snuggle behind barricades. PLAY 198

PLAY #197: TASTES LIKE HEAVEN why Atlas is tired of gay porn. PLAY 197

PLAY #196: SHOOT FOR THE STAR if climate change isn’t dark enough for you, why not try geo-engineering? PLAY 196

PLAY #195: REGENERATION GAP why are women giving birth to inflatable globes? PLAY 195

PLAY #194: AS LIGHT AS ANYTHING let’s ogle Atlas. PLAY 194

PLAY #193: DUDE, WHERE’S MY PLANET? dude-bros lose the plot or the planet, they’re not sure which. PLAY 193

PLAY #192: THE BALLAD OF CRUDELLA DA SPILL more mermaid mash-ups. PLAY 192

PLAY #191: THE RAINBOW IS BROKEN the uniquorrrns react to Pope’s encyclical on climate change. PLAY 191

PLAY #190: HOW’S YOUR HEAD a revolutionary Adam Smith bust performs some surprising services. PLAY 190

PLAY #189: STILL LIFE water-lillies or barbed-wire, what to draw? PLAY 189

PLAY #188: DON’T LOOK NOW Mona Lisa & Marilyn on the run. PLAY 188

PLAY #187: CANVAS ON FIRE tough to be a child prophet PLAY 187

PLAY #186: WE HAVE BROKEN IRONY Arctic drilling v. irony part II PLAY 186

PLAY #185: WHERE EVERYBODY IS THE JOKER all villains are equal? PLAY 185

PLAY #184: AND WHEN WE DESPAIR THINK OF MONTREAL circa 1987 rather than 2005 PLAY 184

PLAY #183: NAIROBI Anjali + Zac + the establishment of rules PLAY 183

PLAY #182: BALI before Twitter, how did people flirt? PLAY 182

PLAY #181: POZNAN and before Copenhagen, there was hope in all colours. PLAY 181

PLAY #180: COPENHAGEN The Climate Summit that they don’t talk about PLAY 180

PLAY #179: CANCUN Anjali + Zac + the Brokenhagen aftermath PLAY 179

PLAY #178: DURBAN Anjali + Zac + new jobs at the 2011 Summit PLAY 178

PLAY #177: DOHA Anjali + Zac + news  at the 2012 Summit. PLAY 177

PLAY #176: WARSAW Anjali on hunger strike in Poland. PLAY 176

PLAY #175: LIMA Two lovers, one climate Summit.  PLAY 175

PLAY #174: WHAT YOU CAN’T KNOW a final sex-work play. With fossil fooled. PLAY 174

PLAY #173: DISPOSE AND CONTINUE let them eat coal. PLAY 173

PLAY #172: LET THE SUN SHINE IN all sun, no sex, no work. PLAY 172


PLAY #170: SPILT where there’s oil, there’s sex. Until…PLAY 170

PLAY #169: NEAT storms make all sorts of mess. PLAY 169

PLAY #168: THE LAST ROAR if you open wide enough, will it stop? PLAY 168

PLAY #167: FEATHERBRAINS some numbers are too big to wrap your wings around. PLAY 167

PLAY #166: TEARS WILL BE SQUEEZED FOR THEIR MOISTURE tough times for California clowns. PLAY 166

PLAY #165: THE BOY WHO COULD HEAR THE SEA the kingdom where shells are spinning wheels PLAY 165

PLAY #164: ANTIGONE, PART EIGHT power resists tears. PLAY 164

PLAY #163: ANTIGONE, PART SEVEN tears collect power. PLAY 163

PLAY #162: THE SHARD OF ICE THAT BROKE IRONY drilling in the Arctic seemed like such a great idea. PLAY 162

PLAY #161: OH, NATURAL which fuel is the prettiest of them all? PLAY 161

PLAY #160: CUE THE POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE pomper of ceremony greens up graduation. PLAY 160

PLAY #159: DON’T JUMP, DIG the cliff of divestment awaits. PLAY 159

PLAY #158: ALTERNATIVES the rhythm of the wind…PLAY 158

PLAY #157: JUST INVESTMENTS spinning investment as climate justice. PLAY 157

PLAY #156: BARE RUINED CHOIRS cherry blossom season. PLAY 156

PLAY #155: THE LONG GREEN SHADOW the iron lady goes green. PLAY 155

PLAY #154: BETWEEN THE HOLES ‘hope’ and ‘hole’ are a letter apart. PLAY 154


PLAY #152: FIXING IRREGULARITY disasters sort out irregular shapes. PLAY 152

PLAY #151: UP, UP AND AWAY a historic day for measuring carbon. PLAY 151


PLAY #149: MORE? Green Climate Fund goes all Oliver. PLAY 149

PLAY #148: GREEN IS THE NEW GREEN there’s an election in the U.K. looming. PLAY 148

PLAY #147: MAYDAY MAYDAY working it. PLAY 147

PLAY #146: JUSTICE FOR CARS a play about Baltimore. PLAY 146

PLAY #145: LET THERE BE WIND another Port Ambrose play.PLAY 145

PLAY #144: PORT PYROTECHNIC Delicious Drag-on puts on a show. PLAY 144

PLAY #143: FLOW INTO THE FUTURE the union of liquids discuss Port Ambrose. PLAY 143

PLAY #142: THE BRIDGE what does fracking lead to? PLAY 142

PLAY #141: DISTORTION scientists, reporters, and the things that connect them. PLAY 141

PLAY #140: UNDER THIS UMBRELLA, AY, AY, AY not everybody likes the same songs. PLAY 140

PLAY #139: MESSAGE IN BOTTLES interactive time capsules. PLAY 139

PLAY #138: LET IT BURN mermaids for climate change have a special song for Earth Day. PLAY 138

PLAY #137: THE DROP TO DRINK there’s a drought in California; there’s water to be bottled. PLAY 137

PLAY #136: CLEAN UP a play for the 5 year anniversary of the BP Spill. See also play 59. PLAY 136

PLAY #135: IT RAINETH siblings in search of a happy ending PLAY 135

PLAY #134: SPLAT! Lemmings, the Antarctic edition. PLAY 134

PLAY #133: IN THE BIKE KITCHEN hope spins round. PLAY 133

PLAY #132: OSTRICHES sand is such a cosy place for a head. PLAY 132

PLAY #131: TAX DAY a play for tax day. PLAY 131

PLAY #130: ALL OF THE ABOVE, ALL THE TIME bring on the juggling! PLAY 130

PLAY #129: THE SADNESS OF THE QUILTMAKER some holes in the AIDS quilt. PLAY 129

PLAY #128: ICARUS SOARS nobody grounds Icarus. PLAY 128

PLAY #127: THE TREE IS SHARPER THAN trees vs the advertisements in Times Square PLAY 127

PLAY #126: THE MANY WONDERS OF CLEAN COAL coal so clean you can brush your teeth with it…PLAY 126

PLAY #125: AND AFTER THE REVOLUTION, THEN from Belaunde to PetroPeru PLAY 125

PLAY #124: DINDSHENCHAS it’s hard to translate some words PLAY 124

PLAY #123: THE SILENT SEA the mermaid in Copenhagen shakes out her song. PLAY 123

PLAY #122: HOW CAN YOU CAPTURE SOMETHING SO HUGE? art < climate change? PLAY 122

PLAY #121: THE UNSETTLING 97 out of 100 scientists speak up. PLAY 121

PLAY #120: FOLLY some kings think they’re the centre of the globe. PLAY 120

PLAY #119: DEAD-LINES remember all those start of the year resolutions? PLAY 119

PLAY #118: THE BLACK HOLE a ghost play for Pithole, Pennsylvania. PLAY 118

PLAY #117: THE BINDING a lot of plays about the UN involve paper. PLAY 117


PLAY #115: TAKE THESE READY MEALS AND GOOD LUCK! snow + Sandy in Red Hook. PLAY 115

PLAY #114: THE PORTRAIT OF DEAN DORIAN don’t look behind the picture…PLAY 114

PLAY #113: WHISTLE-WORK why do whistles sound treasonous to Obama? PLAY 113

PLAY #112: PERESTROIKA HAS MULTIPLE TENSES many Margaret Thatchers smash things. PLAY 112

PLAY #111: EGGS, CANONS, AND OTHER FRAGILE SPHERES Humpty Dumpty makes a cameo in the last wall play. With added rubble. PLAY 111

PLAY #110: SPRING TO ACTION The Equinox brings some flower-power. PLAY 110

PLAY #109: BOUNDARIES a wall-play about Antigone & prison. PLAY 109

PLAY #108: ADEQUATE AND SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT a wall play about the UN Sendai Disaster Framework. PLAY 108

PLAY #107: GOING GREEN a St. Patrick’s Play with a little dark magic. PLAY 107

PLAY #106: ONE MOMENT what’s a little trespass when love & divestment are involved? PLAY 106

PLAY #105: THE TIDES OF MARCH Say don’t Sooth gives a message to the Captain of Resilience. PLAY 105

PLAY #104: HITTING THE WALL Helen has something to say about walls. & divestment. PLAY 104

PLAY #103: THE MAGIC NUMBER more on 350, the number. PLAY 103

PLAY #102: BRIGHT ANCIENT THINGS Lucifer and Beelzebub have a reason to like the sun. PLAY 102

PLAY #101: WHAT IS RESILIENCE ANYWAY? after the wall comes the graffiti. PLAY 101

PLAY #100: ACCUMULATION several different plays involving walls and numbers happening at once, one of which stars Helen of Troy. Milestones! PLAY 100

PLAY #99: THEY SAY SEA LEVEL RISE, WE SAY NUISANCE FLOODS Florida’s climate censorship. PLAY 99

PLAY #98: THE WRITING ON THE WALL doom and denial are friends.PLAY 98

PLAY #97: CARBON DATING an executive has a talk with carbon dioxide. PLAY 97

PLAY #96: I AM NOT A SINK a tree has something to say about carbon trading. PLAY 96

PLAY #95: EAT, PLAY, ENOUGH Lotus Eaters just don’t have that many concerns about climate change. PLAY 95

PLAY #94: THE EXIT what happens when there aren’t any bears to pursue you? PLAY 94

PLAY #93: BEFORE THE TEMPEST Sycorax and Caliban watch the wind and the waves.PLAY 93

PLAY #92: UNMERMAID-LIKE Ophelia makes an entrance.PLAY 92

PLAY #91: A LITTLE WATER it’s hard to keep your hands clean when your name is Macbeth.PLAY 91

PLAY #90: THE SNOWBALL SENATE a fantasy drama. PLAY 90

PLAY #89: DE BAIT denial, alarm, skepticism, climate…PLAY 89

PLAY #88: AFTER EIFFEL winds of change blow across the Eiffel Tower PLAY 88

PLAY #87: THE UMBRELLA-STAND the EU’s climate policy as fabulous accessory. PLAY 87

PLAY #86: HOW MANY WAYS TO SAY NO more Keystone, with some knitting. PLAY 86

PLAY #85: IT’S THE SUN, I TELL YOU, THE SUN there may be some connection between who funds research and what it finds out. PLAY 85

PLAY #84: YOU CAN ALWAYS KNOW EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE download on a smartphone on a subway immediately! PLAY 84

PLAY #83: TO MARS AND BEYOND mars one has nothing to do with climate change.PLAY 83

PLAY #82: ON THE ETYMOLOGY OF DERRICK the what in a name. PLAY 82

PLAY #81: OIL AND WAR TOGETHER AGAIN intersections between oil & war, this time in Afghanistan. PLAY 81

PLAY #80: THE EXPENDABLE ZONE Grey is the new orange. PLAY 80

PLAY #79: ZENITH mosquitos toast a new era. PLAY 79

PLAY #78: THE GREAT GLASS CAULDRON Geneva foreplay to Paris 2015. PLAY 78

PLAY #77: IN BED WITH FOSSIL FUELS Valentine’s Day + divestment. PLAY 77

PLAY #76: BREAKING UP WITH FOSSIL FUELS carbon dating doesn’t work out that well for a guy named Joe. PLAY 76

PLAY #75: DON’T BE ASKING QUESTIONS IN COLLEGE a play for global divestment day. PLAY 75

PLAY #74: LETTUCE PRAISE CLIMATE CHANGE a lonely iceberg lettuce triumphs. PLAY 74

PLAY #73: ANTIGONE, PART 6 a leader and his power, continued. PLAY 73

PLAY #72: ANTIGONE, PART 5  Antigone in jail. PLAY 72

PLAY #71: ANTIGONE, PART 4 Antigone & Creon talk pipes. PLAY 71

PLAY #70: ANTIGONE, PART 3 a chorus of dinosaurs riff on human achievement. PLAY 70

PLAY #69: MRS. NOAH AND THE UNICORN what to do when Noah’s already flown off without you? PLAY 69

PLAY #68: WE SWIM IN THE SPACES BETWEEN YOUR RUINS Ships rust, mermaids swim. PLAY 68

PLAY #67: THE GRAND PARADE HMS Hannibal gets a grand send-off. PLAY 67

PLAY #66: GRAVITY 1903 & the UK navy tries out oil on HMS Hannibal. PLAY 66

PLAY #65: IT’S STILL GROUNDHOG DAY SOMEHOW what will we do when the groundhogs go? How will we celebrate? PLAY 65

PLAY #64: GROUNDHOG PLAY a student and a trustee in an elevator. A student and a trustee in an elevator. And…PLAY 64

PLAY #63: IMBOLC a Celtic goddess sheds layers. PLAY 63


PLAY #61: ONE PROBLEM WITH TWO DEGREES who is left out of the Copenhagen Accord? PLAY 61

PLAY #60: UNIQUORRRNS VS COVENANTS uniquorrrns revolt PLAY 60

PLAY #59: LEAKS Wikileaks + BP Oil spill…PLAY 59

PLAY #58: AUDITIONS FOR THE APOCALYPSE weather and Climate battle for a big role in the wake of snowstorm Juno. PLAY 58

PLAY #57: ILLUMINATION a final pipe play about Keystone. PLAY 57

PLAY #56: PIPE OF LIFE growth, without any of that nasty leaf-litter. PLAY 56


PLAY #54: LIMBO, SENATE STYLE no scientists here, no no. PLAY 54

PLAY #53: MISS SCARLET PROCLAIMS HER INNOCENCE the femme fatale protests. PLAY 53

PLAY #52: MURDER MOST CRUDE earth is dead, whodunnit? PLAY 52

PLAY #51: GOBBLE UP THE FUTURE BEFORE IT IS GONE stay with me…light sabers, myth, and that gap between generations…plus, climate change! PLAY 51

PLAY #50: WHAT IS PROGRESS SHAPED LIKE? DOES IT TAKE LUNCH BREAKS? in the relay race of progress, pipes are batons. PLAY 50

PLAY #49: THAT FRAGILE THING keystone + politicians = ? PLAY 49

PLAY #48: CONFESSIONS OF A GAS PUMP what cheap oil means for Keystone PLAY 48

PLAY #47: ANY OIL PIPE IS A GUN COCKED AT THE FUTURE spoiler: oil and violence intersect PLAY 47


PLAY #45: I GET A KICK OUT OF TAR variations on a pipe dream PLAY 45

PLAY #44: CECI N’EST PAS UNE PIPE two people, one pipe PLAY 44

PLAY #43: THE STONE AND THE KEY Keystone delays = drama PLAY 43

PLAY #42: CIRQUE DU SNAIL: an underwater ballet featuring sea butterflies & ocean acidification PLAY 42

PLAY #41: CLEAN SLATE: Rezoning in the Philippines as displacement. PLAY 41

PLAY #40: THE GIRL WHO TALKED TO BIRDS: A mother remembers. PLAY 40

PLAY #39: WHAT IS LOST: Questions after Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. PLAY 39

PLAY #38: EPIPHANIES DON’T ALWAYS COME ON TIME: Archimides reflects on ocean acidification. PLAY 38

PLAY #37: CHARGE! an Irish Minster clashes with a protestor about water charges. PLAY 37

PLAY #36: IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S YEW Marion and Robin Hood argue about the 1217 Charter of the Forest. PLAY 36

PLAY #35: CHARTING THE FUTURE 1215 – will King John sign the Magna Carta? PLAY 35

PLAY #34: THE NEBULIZERS Sandy, Red Hook, asthma – & two tired nebulizers. PLAY 34

PLAY #33: THREE WISE OLD ONES AND THE STARS listening to the stars PLAY 33

PLAY #32: RESOLUTION accountants of truth push politicians up a mountain. PLAY 32

PLAY #31: LAST WORDS  a new year’s eve play. PLAY 31

PLAY #30: FAITH two sisters & the Pope between them. PLAY 30

PLAY #29: THE TIME IS... a horologist, some clocks, motion…PLAY 29

PLAY #28: THE TROJAN THATCHER  can Margaret Thatcher be a climate hero? PLAY 28

PLAY #27: MARIE ANTOINETTE IS JUST DOING HER JOB a christmas carol, all twisty. PLAY 27

PLAY #26: ANTIGONE, PART TWO it’s raining cats & dogs, & Antigone is in jail. PLAY 26

PLAY #25: NO MAN’S LAND gay love, world war one, & the climate. Happy Christmas! PLAY 25

PLAY #24: THE STRANGER IN THE CHIMNEY chimney sweeps & prophecies. PLAY 24

PLAY #23: THE VEIL what’s behind the curtain? PLAY 23

PLAY #22: AFTER THE DARKEST DAY a winter solstice play. PLAY 22

PLAY #21: BREAKING UP WITH BATMAN Robin & Batman discuss feelings, the climate. PLAY 21

PLAY #20: WHAT I REALLY WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS Intergenerational climate drama! PLAY 20

PLAY #19: THE CANARY IN THE COALMINE Coco Canary has a song to sing. PLAY 19

PLAY #18: THAT KID CALLED HOPE some positive things about the Lima Climate Summit. PLAY 18

PLAY #17: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA MANNING why Chelsea Manning is a climate hero. With additional rainbows. PLAY 17


PLAY #15: THE DIFFERENCE Climate and Change hang out at the Lima Summit. PLAY 15

PLAY #14: STOP a chorus of protestors speak out against the Mike Brown verdict. PLAY 14

PLAY #13: LIGHTS OUT AT LIMA Yeb Sano tweets; tents at Lima are dismantled PLAY 13

PLAY #12: [REDACTED] Protestors at Lima can’t mention [——] PLAY 12

PLAY #11: CLIMATE & CHANGE Climate and Change do shots together. PLAY 11

PLAY #10: THE BOX, OR, TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US a scientist, a bureaucrat, and a box. PLAY 10

PLAY #9: CONCENTRIC DIFFERENTIATION A UN Archivist gives a tour at Lima. PLAY 9

PLAY #8: THE ARKHIVE Stella gets some new tattoos. PLAY 8

PLAY #7: WHAT DO MAPS REMEMBER? the mapmaker’s apprentice makes some changes. PLAY 7

PLAY #6: YOU CAN ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT the advertisements sing on the subway, oh, how they sing! PLAY 6

PLAY #5: THE WAY OF MAPMAKERS pipes bruise a map of Peru. PLAY 5

PLAY #4: CUTS the Master Gutter shows his intern how to treat the EPA, dark things follow. PLAY 4

PLAY #3: ANTIGONE & ISMENE, PART ONE what if Antigone was a climate refugee who wanted to bury a pipe? PLAY 3

PLAY #2: THE BROKEN BUFFET The US’ ‘buffet’ option for emissions reduction comes under scrutiny at the Lima Climate Summit. PLAY 2

PLAY #1: THE BEGINNING AND THE END: a swan and a hoopoe wait for a special visitor. PLAY 1