A empty greenhouse – destroyed after the actions of a party (perhaps that of PLAY #260).

Oil dripping down the walls.


CLEANER enters, turns on a hose full of water, starts to wipe the walls of the greenhouse.

CLEANER replaces plants, chairs, restores order.


Once things are somewhat clean, CLEANER starts to hang laundry to dry, across a string, spanning the length of the greenhouse.

CLEANER examines laundry – it still has dark, oily stains.

CLEANER shrugs, continues to hang it.


PASSER-BY peers in the greenhouse window, examining the state of the laundry.

CLEANER shoos away PASSER-BY with a piece of laundry.


CLEANER holds the piece of laundry.

And then, quite fast, not much space between actions:

CLEANER does a dance with the piece of laundry.

CLEANER wipes window with laundry.

CLEANER mops floor with laundry.

CLEANER puts on laundry.

CLEANER takes off laundry.

CLEANER starts to kiss the laundry: passionate, full-blown, short-lived.

CLEANER starts to cry, wipes tears with laundry.


And then, CLEANER hangs the piece of laundry up on the line, takes a moment to look at the dirty laundry drying in the greenhouse, picks up the empty basket, exits.