Baltimore, 2015. 

A police car surrounded by traffic cones.

One of the windows is smashed in.

COP-CHORUS patrol the car.


A white-shirted member of the COP-CHORUS, picks up a cone and uses it as a megaphone.



let Allen Bullock be a lesson

don’t mess with our cars

police cars matter

$500,000 bail

is not excessive

for somebody

who would so heedlessly

destroy something so precious.


THE COP-CHORUS leans against the cop-car tenderly.


glass can only be smashed in one direction

something has been irrevocably lost

with the smashing of this window

and no response

can be too excessive.


COP-CHORUS LEADER directs some of the COP-CHORUS, who pick up traffic cones and position them at edges of the stage, pushing back an imagined crowd.


I applaud the media’s coverage of this event

windows have been broken

tennis shoes have been stolen

a reaction of horror is appropriate

in these circumstances

we are pushed to extremes

it is not excessive

to fill up jails

it is not excessive

to cram criminals in

it is not excessive

to set bail at $500,000

for those who would attack empty police cars.


COP-CHORUS place hands on the windows of the car.


we must protect

what is precious.