Times Square.

THE ADVERTISEMENTS dash on, a happy clappy chorus.



We heard

that some artist

was planning a forest installation in Times Square.

And we thought





#yes yes yes!


We thought of the marketing opportunities

the myriad of them

because wouldn’t it be great

if every tree was sponsored by your favorite fast food chain?

or can’t you imagine

your favorite jingle sung by birds?

and what about flier-flowers

that give you unique discounts in many bright colors?


that’s just the material opportunities

when you bring in the web

social media

imagine all the potential that a forest in Times Square offers

we were like-


A tree spear flies through the air and skewers one of THE ADVERTISEMENTS.

A quick, bloody, death.

The other ADVERTISEMENTS step to the side of the body and continue to talk frantically.


We were all wowed

because this could be a whole new era!

think of all the Green Space in the City

all those signs telling you the names of community gardens

that could be sponsored by something

seamless opportunities to pretty up trees

some sort of artisanal stands where cute food is sold

chains could have different identities for different blocks

Going forward-


Two more tree spears soar through the air and skewer ADVERTISEMENTS.


Going forward

we imagine many opportunities

because this can be our chance to re-green our city

in the attractive hue of greenbacks

we can really change our culture for the better

while offering lots of attractive opportunities to develop



More tree spears, from nowhere, enough to slay all THE ADVERTISEMENTS, so that their bright and bloodied bodies fill the stage, trees sticking out at all angles.