READ THIS VERSION – formatting messed up on wp. PLAY 110


The large wall, a portion of bricks extended from play 109…

Sounds of birds.

DAFFODIL & CROCUS CHORUS enter –dressed in very bright shades of yellow & purple.

CROCUS CHORUS start drawing purple flowers on the wall.

Some of the CROCUS CHORUS start to dismantle the extension of the wall.

DAFFODIL CHORUS swirl around in front of the wall – some draw bright yellow flowers on the ground, the wall, themselves, in chalk.


DAFFODIL CHORUS & CROCUS CHORUS speak or sing simultaneously.


DAFFODIL                                       CROCUS

Spring                                              Shake off

Salute                                              snow.

We salute you Spring.


joy in the air                                     where are there seasons?

like pollen                                         how do we divide this time?

yoke-yellow                                      wet and dry

bursting toward the sky                     rainy

and there must be                                     not

happiness                                         surely

under such skies                                there’s a subjectivity to spring

surely Spring means different things

especially as climate changes

this is the dawn                                and though there are problems

the beginning                                   in the language of spring

flower-power                                             action comes at dawn as at dusk

a freshness to the world                     this could be the beginning

possibility like pollen                           of change

everywhere in the air                         this Spring could be something

even if it’s autumn elsewhere

even if the where has no Spring

Spring springs

possibilities like pollen

flowers like fire.


THE CROCUS CHORUS have broken down the additional wall.

They get to work on dismantling the rest of the wall.


DAFFODIL CHORUS                         CROCUS CHORUS

and isn’t is something                         Spring can’t be denied

that breath of blue                            for better

the growth of grass                                    worse

meadows                                         there’s a certain iconography

isn’t there something about                there’s something about

meadows?                                        meadows!

and flower-power is not                     at least they’re a space to absorb

to be denied.                                            vomit.

there is power here

walls can crumble before weeds

when we think of change

of the kind of change necessary

to stop the capitalist cataclysm

then isn’t the spring

a useful symbol?

isn’t Spring                                       doesn’t the spring

something to be saved?                     with all its contained energy

how can we do wrong                       all its potential to explode

when such happiness is to be had?      show us ways to be?


CROCUS CHORUS start to spring about the stage, down low, then high jumps.

DAFFODIL CHORUS swirl around.

The wall is broken down.