TV PRESENTER in front of an oven.

TV PRESENTER takes out some brownies.



I like to keep my oven below 350 degrees Fahrenheit

It’s sort of like a magic number

Gets things hot fast enough

Without burning them to a crisp.

(a bite)

See: delicious!

It works for other things too:

roasted veg



350 is the magic number!


TV PRESENTOR places baking tray down.


As for our climate

350 is a magic number too.

Not for the temperature

But for the parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air

That we can safely have

To avoid 2 degrees Celsius of global warming.

Our planet is not an oven!

So let’s keep the CO2 in the air

Below 350

So that we humans can continue to share this planet with delicious brownies!


TV PRESENTOR takes big bite of brownies.

Cameras turn off.


Was that OK?

Is it confusing to use both Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Is it obnoxious to be eating brownies?

Should we talk about the consensus around 2 degrees of warming?

Or the lack of consensus?

Should we mention that 1 degree of warming is what some countries pushed for in the international agreements?

Do I have brownie on my face?

Do you think people care?