PLAY #89: DE BAIT (FEB 27)

CLIMATE sits on a chair.

An old soul.

Time passes.


DENIER enters.



oh no

don’t give me that look!

I know you’re a figment of a craven left

I know you’re not changing at all

Or if you are

It’s on you

Not me.


ALARMIST enters, shouts at DENIER.



I can’t believe you!

Can’t you see what’s happening in front of your eyes?

If we don’t do anything

We’ll be underwater this time in a decade

A year or two even

Do you really want to applaud the apocalypse as it approaches?


SCEPTIC enters.



How do we even know what we’re arguing about?

We’re not scientists

And if we were

Isn’t skepticism the basis of all good science?

Shouldn’t we wait for more evidence?


They start to argue, making the same points on loop, voices raising.

CLIMATE sits in the centre as the argument rages, silent.

CLIMATE holds up a series of signs:




I feel

as if


sees me at all.


The argument rages on, everybody talking over and around CLIMATE.