MOTHER from PLAY #41 is still sitting in bath-tub.

OFFICIAL and two GUARDS enter.

OFFICIAL gestures to GUARDS and smiles.


Slowly, GUARDS start to push the bath-tub & MOTHER off-stage.



With disaster comes opportunity and a chance to grow.

This area is not safe for inhabitation.

Residents in the No Dwelling Zone will be rehoused to the north of Tacloban City.

This area has been rezoned for commerce and leisure activities, allowing us to develop tourism opportunities and demonstrate our resilience and potential.


MOTHER turns around, about to protest.

GUARD clamps hand on mouth, pushes bath-tub offstage.


This has been decided.

90% of the houses destroyed by Yolanda were in close proximity to the beach.

We cannot use poor people as a buffer for storms.

This is not a zone for living: temporary structures will be dismantled.

This is a zone for commerce, leisure, pleasure, growth.

This is a zone for hope.


OFFICIAL leaves.

The stage is empty.